Being gay and Catholic is not an oxymoron. Baptism conferred membership in this international community of believers that professes care and concern.I was raised in a traditional Catholic family in the fifties. In my mid twenties I “came out,” ignored going to church, and denied the need for a spiritual  life.

I justified my thinking on the idea that I wasn’t welcome. Eventually a few priests challenged my spiritual wasteland, and offered positive pastoral care. They confirmed that the Lord is my shepherd and He knows I’m gay. Good thing they did, because I had a lot of funerals to attend in the HIV/AIDS eighties and early nineties. What’s next I asked in prayer?

I felt called twenty years ago to facilitate a Day of Reflection for Catholic parents of LGBT children. With the support of Jesuits and many others, seventeen of these annual events occurred before Covid. The vast majority of evaluation forms evidenced a need that Catholic parents have for meeting someone like themselves.

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