For beauty is a source of strength for man. It is inspiration for work, a light that guides us through the darkness of human existence and allows us to overcome all evil, all suffering, with good, since hope in the Resurrection cannot be misplaced. All men know this—every man and woman knows this—for Christ is Risen! The Resurrection of Christ initiates the renewal and rebirth of that beauty which man has lost through sin.

—Pope John Paul II, A Meditation on Givenness

I have found that hiding leads to death, but longing leads to life. It seems important that the first thing we humans did after the fall was to immediately hide. Adam and Eve fashioned loincloths to cover themselves, and when the Lord called, “The man and his wife hid themselves from the Lord God among the trees of the garden” (Gen. 3:8). The concupiscent knee jerk reaction is to guard, mask, and protect ourselves from being seen and from seeing. Fear and insecurity drive us to construct impressive walls that give us a safe place to hide. This is both a great success and a terrible victory: a great success because we do indeed remain hidden and safe; but a terrible victory because we also remain isolated, unseen, and unknown. But if we desire light, life, and love we must possess a defenseless self-forgetfulness, which is a huge risk. 

Praise the Lord

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