Seven years ago, I wrote a dark comedy about political correctness run amok in the military. To quote from the back cover of Insecurity, “Gays, Muslims, and security threats are multiplying at Fort Camp, but no one seems to notice.”

The Muslim officers at Fort Camp and other nearby army bases are plotting a coup to take over the military and then the government. They are taking advantage of the Army’s new-found openness to diversity, and its consequent inability to notice the existence of radical Islamic extremists in its midst. Every suspicious move by the plotters is dismissed by the base commandant as simply a matter of cultural differences.

Well, I was half-right. A military coup does seem to be unfolding before our eyes and, since it’s being carried out in the name of diversity, very few seem to notice. But it’s not a radical Muslim coup, it’s a radical top brass coup—a purge of “radical right extremists” conducted by left-leaning generals, a secretary of defense, and one Bishop.

Praise the Lord

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