(Eshan Dias’ explanation of the process of testing for Covid-19 uses some scientific terminology, but well worth a read for understanding how the PCR test works – or doesn’t, as the case may be – and the disproportionate response that has upended the world. We will follow up soon with a sequel on the vaccine)


An epidemic affects a high proportion of a population at the same time, and with respect to disease it means an outbreak that spreads quickly and regionally affects a disproportionate number of people.  Pandemics are epidemics that spread across wide geographical areas such as nations and continents.  It should be a matter of interest to us that according to information prevailing and incessant regarding the pandemic we are said to be in the middle of, the proportion of, shall we say patients – as routinely identified via PCR tests, who show no symptoms of the CoViD-19 greatly outweigh those that do.

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