The wayward Liberals continue their dismantling of Canada: After just killing the proposed bill that would have prohibited at least gender-selective abortion, they just passed third reading of their threatened law prohibiting ‘conversion therapy’ for minors. Anyone eighteen and under who suffers from gender dysphoria, SSA and other spiritual and psychological ills must be left alone, if not actively supported, and any attempt to convince those meandering in this moral morass that their path is wrong or misguided – even parent-child conversations, counseling and sacramental confession – would be punishable with up to five years in the slammer with actual criminals, if there are any real laws left for them to break, as they lock up all us Christians. 

Every Party voted in favour of this Orwellian totalitarianism – 263 to 83 – with only a majority of the Conservatives voting against, except, of course, the ever-undependable leader, Erin O’Toole. 

And our legal misery does not end there: The Liberals, in a vote at 1:30 am Tuesday morning, passed (196 to 112) the controversial Bill C-10, allows the government to censor content on the internet, even of private individuals. The purported purpose is to ensure more ‘Canadian content’ – difficult enough to define, never mind find enough of quality – but will also be used to regulate ‘hate speech’, which means any criticism of, you guessed it,  gender dysphoria, transgenderism, homosexuality, and so on. 

Praise the Lord

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