Publisher’s note: for those unaware of recent developments on the topic of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or UAPs, the U.S. Military has declassified several videos showing recent encounters between fighter planes and UAPs (conventionally known as UFOs) as well as Naval ship-based surveillance of the same. An intelligence report disclosing more information on the topic is due out later this month, as ordered by a provision in last year’s COVID relief bill, signed by President Trump. I recently wrote up a summary of these events, including links to some of the pertinent video clips, right here.

Although I am personally fascinated by the possibility of extra terrestrials, I remain, by necessity, an “optimistic skeptic” about the likelihood of extra terrestrial life. I believe the only reasonable course of action is to examine the evidence and see where it leads us. Since this is a topic about which good Catholics can disagree, and since we seek at 1P5 to promote balanced, critical analysis, we are happy to provide the following for our audience to consider. We hope that it will stimulate your imagination to more deeply consider the possibilities — and the potential implications — of a situation that is currently the topic of much interest and debate.

In heated discussions on faith and science, one expert is routinely overlooked: Stanley L. Jaki, OSB (1924-2009). Jaki, a Hungarian priest, was one of the most decorated scientists of his generation. He is perhaps most well known for his books on the history of science, but he wrote prolifically on a variety of topics ranging from G. K. Chesterton to computers to a delightfully scientific commentary on the Psalms.

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