H.W. “Harry” Crocker III has taken it upon himself to resurrect the reputation of George Armstrong Custer, perhaps the most politically incorrect man who ever lived. Custer was the Army officer who, surrounded by whooping Injuns, lost his scalp at Little Bighorn. Except, to Crocker’s telling, Custer lost nothing that day on Little Bighorn, not his scalp and certainly not his life. In fact, he went on to a rich and rollicking life afterwards. As I wrote in 2018, Crocker told this imagined life with “enough masculinity to make any soy-boy clutch his pearls.” And this is the story Crocker tells, a supremely tall tale sure to offend the limp-wristed of all genders. 

Crocker is well known to Crisis readers for his terrific, rollicking, one-volume history of the Catholic Church, Triumph, and his Crisis columns dating back to 2002, especially his notorious—or hilarious—article praising natural family planning for not working.

Crocker is also the Vice President and Executive Editor of Regnery Publishing, a former political speechwriter, an author of several well-received military histories, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War, and a comic novelist whose first novel, The Old Limey, was a Barnes and Noble-featured book. 

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