WINNIPEG, June 21, 2021 – National office is pleased to welcome Belinda Limqueko-Mag-uyon ( to the staff of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Belinda joins Executive Director Kim Scammell (, Senior Accounting Clerk Valroy Anderson (, Executive Secretary Amanda McCormick (, Membership Coordinator Katherine Choi (, Project Coordinator Kerri Sylvester (, Office Clerk Deborah Woodbeck (, Office Assistant Marion Wong ( and Data Entry Clerk Katrina Stratton ( Belinda takes on the role of acting membership coordinator.

Belinda Limqueko-Mag-uyon is a newcomer and came to Canada at the height of winter during the COVID-19 pandemic. She had to immigrate before her visa expired to not lose her chance of becoming a permanent resident. Together with her husband and youngest daughter, Belinda was sponsored by her oldest daughter, a Canadian citizen and nurse in Winnipeg.

For Belinda, immigrating to Canada was a leap of faith as she had a good and stable job in her home country and served God in a charismatic Catholic community. Her decision to come to Canada was not made lightly. She would be leaving her comfort zone, be in an entirely new environment, have to look for a new job, find her way around and familiarize herself with a new culture. The most challenging and emotional aspect of immigrating would be leaving behind her two sons. Despite all odds, she believed that everything has a purpose, and God would not allow everything to happen if it was not according to His will.

Praise the Lord

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