Mathematics is the very first type of education in the world. It all started when God said to His people to go forth and multiply. Of course, He meant go and learn the multiplication tables because they will serve you well in life. But the Catholics took Him too literally and had plenty of children. Oh … Oh … I foresee a reprimand from my priest. He reads this Blog, you know; and often tells me off at Confession. Anyway … God told all creation to go forth and multiply. A year later He came back to check, and sure enough, every one had had a good time and there were plenty of baby everything everywhere. Baby people, baby animals, baby fish, birds and so on. And God was pleased.  However, He noticed that there were only two snakes. So He asked them: “Did you not have a good time? Why did you not multiply as I said?”  They replied: “We are adders. We need logs to multiply!”

Get it … ??? No???

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