I was listening to a Talk Show on the radio the other day. An old lady phoned in and confessed that she was lonely. She lived alone and did not see anyone from one day to the next. Sometimes she went out of the house, took the bus, (because it is free for senior citizens in the UK), and sat there all the way into town and back. The round trip lasted about an hour. She did it just to meet people on the bus. She didn’t speak to them, but she said that sometimes this was the only contact she had with other human beings. She did not speak to the neighbours and no one visited her.

Sadly, she is not the only person in that situation. There are many lonely people these days. And they are not all old either. Some are quite young and even though they are at work they are still lonely. They do their jobs as best they can but when they get home they have no one.

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