After he’d experienced a mystical vision lasting two hours, Blaise Pascal immediately wrote a summation of what he had been shown, which he then had sewn into his coat. There it remained, undiscovered, until his death. 

Sometimes, inspired by this story, I wonder if I should sew St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Prayer of Surrender into my own coat in order to keep it near my heart. The “surrender” Ignatius articulates is no easy thing—impossible, of course, without grace—but I find I must learn to do it, because I have found nothing but misery when I am unwilling to surrender to the Lord.

 This is St. Ignatius’ prayer (often called the “Suscipe”): “Take, Lord, receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, my whole will, all that I have and all that I possess. You gave it all to me, Lord; I give it all back to you. Do with it as you will, according to your good pleasure. Give me your love and your grace; for with this, I have all that I need.”

Praise the Lord

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