“I feel blessed to participate in the sponsorship program,” says 20-year-old Juan who is currently studying medicine in university. He has encountered many obstacles in his young life, but thanks to his sponsor and other Chalice supports he is very close to realizing his dream of working in the medical field.

Growing up in Chiclayo, Peru, his humble and hardworking family struggled to make ends meet. When he was eight, his father passed away, leaving them all devastated. But the following year things started to turn around when Juan was admitted into the sponsorship program and chosen by a sponsor. Slowly but surely their lives steadily improved.

Juan’s mother worked harvesting vegetables. One of his brothers was also chosen by a sponsor. Taking full advantage of every opportunity, Juan participated enthusiastically in the Child and Adolescent Development Program at the site. Over the years he received tutoring and participated in nutrition programs, music, dance, art, swimming, sports, computing, and environmental care with crops of trees.

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