The youngest of three children, Kurtis is bright and determined to succeed. Kurtis and her family have endured many difficult times through the years, including losing her dear father to kidney failure when she was just a toddler. This placed a huge responsibility on her mother who now had to raise her three children alone on meagre wages as a daily labourer.

By the time Kurtis was in the eighth grade, her mother was no longer able to make ends meet on her own. Seeking help from neighbours, she borrowed money to keep her children in school, but as the bills piled up she worried she could lose everything she had worked so hard for.

Thankfully, a field worker from our Madurai sponsor site saw the family’s struggle and stepped in to help by inviting Kurtis into the sponsorship program. Shortly after, Kurtis was sponsored by a generous supporter, and life started to improve for her and her family.

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