A friend once said to me that Christianity is really good at telling you what to do, but really weak in telling you how to do it.  There is something here I think worth exploring.  Why does Christianity not seem to emphasize technique and practice like other faith traditions do?  Sure we are told to love, but how do we love? What do we do when loving becomes difficult?

I wanted to discuss the theme of freedom from something, and freedom for something.  The best analogy I can think of to understand these two ideas is ice cream.  Now imagine yourself driving towards Toronto.  Toronto is where you are headed and is your ultimate goal.  But something happens.  You are driving along the 401 highway and there is an exit leading to a giant ice cream store full of all sorts of delightful flavours.  Unfortunately however, taking the exit toward the ice cream store will lead you far away from your destination.

It’s a funny example I know, but what would you do?  Here you are before two roads which diverge in the wood, will you take the road to your destination, or will you allow yourself to be moved by your sugar tooth?

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