I have taken on the onerous chore of cleaning out my cluttered files.    This is an annual, winter’s day event for me and takes forever!   It’s a bit like going through old photos, once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop!  As I was going through these old files, I came across an article that I had almost forgotten about.   I don’t even know the name of the author, but it makes a beautiful reflection which I would like to share with readers….

‘I know the sun will rise every morning, even when there are clouds. I know the birds sing melodious songs because I have heard them from the empty enclosure of my room.   I know the sky is blue through the clouds, that the grass is green even when I stand in the desert.   I know the branches of trees dance to the movements of the wind even though now the wind is still.   I know flowers have beautiful smells, that the ocean never sleeps, and that rain falls upon high mountains.   I know deeply that all human beings are beautiful if they are born free to follow their hearts.

It has been said, long before these words were written, that if you build an archway for your heart, with neither lock nor door, life will pass freely through that archway in harmony with your senses.

Praise the Lord

Read the Whole Article at http://ignation.ca/