Imagine, yourself out in a green field.  At this point you are simply a child.  You enjoy the flowers, and you enjoy the freedom that innocence could bring.  Then, you see a figure.  Someone who is of this earth, and yet completely apart from it.  Someone who invokes awe and wonder.

Would you tell others of what you saw?  What if they didn’t believe you?  What if your choice to remain constant in the truth you witnessed leads to suffering of those you love?

Fatima  – the 2020 film – tells the story of a Marian Apparition to three shepherd children in 1917 during the revolutions and explosions that were taking place in Portugal during that time.  In particular, we follow Sr. Lucia, now an aged nun, who describes to a skeptical but honest academic, what she experienced decades earlier when she encountered the Virgin Mary at the Cova da Iria.

Praise the Lord

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