For an instant, I thought I was listening to one of those “Voice of the Pioneer” segments that CBC Radio used to air long so ago when most radio was on the AM band: “I was the last of 9 boys, followed by two sisters. There were eleven of us in all.”

This was not a vignette about early settlement in Nova Scotia. The “I” doing the talking was Alan Fogarty, the Jesuit who recently took hold of the reins of Salt + Light Media in Toronto. I was interviewing him not about his return to Canada after fundraising millions of dollars for various Pontifical institutions including the Gregorian University, the Biblical Institute, and the Oriental Institute, but about his family.

This is an especially timely series in light of the recent letter sent to every Jesuit by their Superior General, Arturo Sosa SJ. His letter is an appeal for collaboration and help in attracting “new companions for the future to which God calls us.”

Praise the Lord

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