I have been reading this book entitled “From the Ashes” written by Jesse Thistle, a Metis Cree born in Saskatchewan.  “From the Ashes” is a story about the author himself.  He starts from when he was a very young boy, growing up with his two older brothers.  His parents split up when he was three years old.  The boys were with their mother for a short time.

Then, the father picked them up.  From then on, they lived with their father.  It is not clear why the mother did not try to keep her children.  The father was a drug addict and left the boys alone to fend for themselves for long periods of time with no or very little food.  After being rescued by the Police and the Children’s Aid Society, and being fostered for a while, they ended up living with their paternal grandparents in Brampton, Ontario.

Although the grandparents were far from being rich and a bit rough around the edges, they managed to provide a stable home and three meals a day.  But that was not enough to overcome the deep wounds that Jesse had of abandonment.  Early on in school, he started to get in trouble, and it just got worse as he got older.

Praise the Lord

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