Catholicism is the future of culture in America and the Western World. Why? Because Catholicism understands that humans are cultural animals and that we have a rich and splendid cultural inheritance rather than proclaiming a deracinated and orphaned inheritance or advancing an ideology of self-hatred and cultural destruction in the name of progress. 

Humans are social animals and innately want to belong to something. For a long time, religion had served this purpose of human yearning: both for something human and social but also transcendent and divine. In our current age of deracination and atomization, Catholicism not only has a two-millennia living tradition offering a rich inheritance, but it also has a rich future. We belong to something ancient but also something growing into the future.

Culture comes from the Latin word cultus, meaning care or praise. Culture is something we care about, something we grow to love and praise. One of the great treasures of Catholicism is in its recognizing truth, goodness, and beauty wherever it is found—and that this truth, goodness, and beauty belongs to God and, therefore, God’s people.

Praise the Lord

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