Can a faithful Catholic also be a loyal patriot? How far may a Catholic go along with a political regime which actively seeks to attack and destroy his mother Church? Are there redlines at which a Catholic, even if he loves his native land, must firmly plant his feet and declare brazenly, “I will not be moved”? 

These are questions many devout American Catholics are asking in 2021, given the multi-pronged assaults on the Church from the state, corporate media, and even many of her own members. Thankfully, many saints have trod this same path before. Their witness offers helpful and timely advice. The feast of two such men, the English Sts. John Fisher (1469-1535) and Thomas More (1478-1535), we celebrate today.

Many Catholics are familiar with the story of St. Thomas More. One of the most brilliant men of his day, More was a polymath who excelled at law, statesmanship, theology, and philosophy. He authored the famous political treatise Utopia and served as English King Henry VIII’s Lord High Chancellor, one of the most senior and important positions in the royal government. 

Praise the Lord

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