For the past year we have been inundated with so much conflicting information about a virus that has the whole world in its clutches. It hit us like a tsunami coming out of nowhere, and we are still gasping from its deadly attack.

As I ponder about what it will be like once Covid-19 is behind us, I find myself smiling. There are many things I would love to do. However, I will probably hug all the people I have missed hugging, so watch out, here comes Viola.

The loss of live human interaction has been frustrating. It is so important to our wellbeing. Social distancing is a necessity now, but human touch means a lot. Being a people person, I can see myself having small get togethers when we can mingle, chat, and of course eat. That will force me back into the kitchen to cook and bake.  I love entertaining, and have been starved of that joy.

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