Carey the crab was enjoying her usual afternoon constitutional. “Ah, I feel much less caught up when I do this,” she murmured to herself as she scuttled along the railing of a promenade that overlooked a stormy intracoastal waterway. “Why don’t I do this all the time?” she wondered to herself. Just as she was making a heady circle around the balustrade, giddy with the quick sights of sky, then water, then boardwalk, she had her answer.

“Ooooh. Hello little creature!” cooed a high-pitched voice. In an instant, Carey was eyeball to eyeball with a giant annoyance. She’d miscalculated her route, or just forgotten that even in the cusp season, which she knew was quickly ending, there were still giant annoyances wandering around the area. It was awful in the busy season. Then they were all over the place disturbing the peace. “If only they knew enough to be quiet and move gently,” she thought as she shuddered in the vibrations of her torturer’s reedy voice.

“Aren’t you the cutest little crab I’ve ever seen!” The giant annoyance was intent on cornering Carey. Each time the little crab moved out of her sightline, the squealing monstrosity shifted to find her again. “Okay, okay,” Carey said as she submitted to the game.

Praise the Lord

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