On The Passing of All things as Seen on T.V.

The Video below is a commercial that must have taken weeks to film. And whatever the intent of the commercial, (I think they are selling insurance), there is something of an admonition in both the video and the music that life and the things of life slip away.
While the music of the video set forth the theme: Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here, every object in the home begins to get up and move away from the owners

Praise the Lord

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Lion Food? Oh My!

 In the first century, around 110 A.D., St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote seven letters on his way to martyrdom.  He would be eaten by lions in Circus Maximus, which was a stadium where chariot races were held, among other things, obviously.

In his letter to the Romans, as he willingly made the journey to his death, he said:

“Only pray for me that I may have strength both inward and outward; that I may not merely speak but have also the will; that I may not only be called a Christian but may also be found to be one.  For if I be found to be one, then I can also be called one and be deemed faithful even when I am no longer visible in the world.”

Praise the Lord

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