Theological Reflections on Cloning:  Personhood and Reproduction

(Some may not agree with all of  Dr. Alexander Lozano’s conclusions, but his analysis of the issue of ensoulment and cloning is certainly an intriguing one, with the distinctions he raises making us think more deeply about the beautiful and mysterious creation of each, unique human being, as an interplay between God, man and woman, in what we call ‘procreation’. We should keep in mind that regardless of how and when the soul is infused, and the body becomes ‘human’, the entire creative process is sacred, including the conjugal act, which is why both contraception and abortion are always intrinsic evils.  And God may well provide a line in the sand, beyond which we will not be permitted to go. Respect and cherish life, now and forever!)


There exists an adage which states that growth in technology often outpaces growth in ethics.  Perhaps nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the Vatican statement released on February 20, 1997:  “The moment of fertilization marks the constitution of a new organism equipped with an intrinsic capacity to develop itself autonomously into an individual adult.”[1]   Four days later the world was stunned with the report that true cloning had been successfully carried out for the first time in a mammal.[2]   Suddenly the Vatican, together with theologians and ethicists throughout the world, was faced with the possibility of having to discuss the beginnings of human life where the rubric of “fertilization” is no longer applicable.

Praise the Lord

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