In the waning years of the 19th century, before the war to end all wars, and the subsequent instantiation of what is called ‘real socialism’, May 1st was adopted as ‘International Workers’ Day’, to celebrate the rights of the laborer, in light of Marx and Engel’s 1848 Communist Manifesto: ‘Workers, unite!’

We all know what Lenin, Stalin and their host of Bolsheviks did with their ‘rights of workers’, turning them all into Communist cogs in a machine, with ‘work’ is a commodity to be used by the ‘state’, to which entity man is entirely subordinate. For all their talk of the ‘working ‘man’, communist regimes believe far more in slavery than in human dignity. In fact, they don’t have much notion of dignity and rights at all – as the ChiComs have demonstrated, even since the purported ‘fall of the Soviet Union’ in 1989 or so. Be not deceived, for the errors of Communism are still very much with us and, as Our Lady of Fatima predicted, are spreading around the world, in more ways than one.

It was to combat the heinous falsities of Communism, particularly their erroneous view of human labour, that Pope Pius XII instituted this memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker in 1955, alongside Saint Joseph’s principal feast day on March 19th, to show the true value of the ‘sweat of our brow, and the work of our hands’.

Praise the Lord

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