It’s difficult to keep track or make sense of the daily barrage of news, foreign and domestic, but one thing seems clear. With the advent of a new and thoroughly naïve administration, America faces the greatest threat to its security since 1941. Weakness invites aggression, and the current administration projects about as much strength as a day-old kitten. 

Sensing this weakness, Hamas recently launched a massive rocket attack on Israel, our closest ally. Almost immediately, other Islamic nations such as Iran and Turkey began to rattle their sabers. And once Israel struck back at Hamas, violent pro-Palestinian protests erupted in cities throughout the West.

Of course, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not just a war between Hamas and Israel. Hamas was acting as an Iranian proxy. The rockets being fired into Israel came from Iran via Hezbollah. Ironically, they were largely paid for with U.S. dollars released to Iran during the Obama years and now by the Biden administration.

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