As anyone who has fought in the culture wars (that is, fighting over moral values, life, and rights) can attest, debating with the progressive Left has become nearly impossible. Regardless of how well conservatives support their argument or how clear they are in their logic, they will inevitably be labeled an ignorant bigot. Their argument for tradition, freedom, or even rationality will immediately run afoul with some oppressed group, causing the debate to degenerate into accusations of hate.

This outcome has led many conservatives to stop trying. Either they will argue over less personal and consequential subjects, find an echo chamber with like minds, or retreat from the public square altogether. And if they don’t do this themselves, society’s elites will gladly cancel them.

Fortunately, in the recent book Them Before Us, Katy Faust and Stacy Manning keep up the good fight and offer an invaluable resource to those defending family life and refuting the destructive ideologies of the secular Left. Like all good apologists, they not only defend their subject effectively, but they also provide important insights for a general audience. If nothing else, the reader will learn why the family unit is so important and why civilizations decline when they ignore this truth.

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