A thoroughly depressing pair of articles about Single Life in Crisis this week.  In the debate about whether or not Single Life is a “vocation”, the articles are firmly on the “NO” side. 

Back in 2006 when I began to blog about Single Life, I was sure Single Life had to be a vocation because priests said it was. When vocations directors gave us extra homilies about vocations after Mass, they always mentioned the vocation to the Single Life in passing. Naturally they were not particularly interested in the Single Life, for they were there  primarily to try to drum up vocations to the priesthood. Sometimes they would do this against a backdrop of pony-tailed altar girls, which is funny in a sardonic way, as the presence of girls on the altar discourages altar boys and therefore, 15-20 years later, new priests.  

This paragraph in the most recent Crisis article caught my attention for what it did not include:  

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