Supremacist movements are evil. This statement is obvious to our modern Western minds when we are speaking of racial supremacy, but ideological supremacy is just as bad, if not worse.

To be clear, when I write of ideological supremacists, I do not mean that believing in the supremacy of certain ideologies is evil. That would be nonsensical. It is certainly fair for a person to believe that the ideology he or she follows is superior to a different ideology. Otherwise, why follow that ideology? For example, as a Catholic I believe that the Catholic faith is superior to all other faiths. If I did not, I wouldn’t be Catholic. It only becomes a problem if I believe that I am personally superior to other people who do not share the ideology I hold. As a Christian, I realize that I am not personally superior to anyone, including non-believers. In fact, I know that I am a wretch who was only saved by the amazing grace of Christ. Thus, instead of looking down on those of different faiths, I should pray for their souls and live a life of Christian witness that will help lead non-believers to the truth of Christ.

Therefore, when I write of ideological supremacy, I am referring to the idea that the people who follow a certain ideology are personally superior to those who do not follow it, simply because they believe the “right” ideology. To state it simply: I am superior to you because I am right and you are wrong.

Praise the Lord

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