When I lived in England I discovered that one of the differences between US and UK was the approach to advertising. In America if they want to sell you something they re-brand and slap the word “New” on their product. They don’t even have to say “New and Improved” because if it’s new it must have been improved in some way.

In England it was the reverse. To sell something in England they put the product in an antique looking container and said it was “an old fashioned recipe”. Everything was marketed not by novelty, but by nostalgia. If you wanted success put your cookies in an old tin box with a picture of a thatched cottage or a castle on the lid. To really succeed you would link it with the royal family in some way. So if you could get HMQ to wear your waxed jacket, eat your marmalade or drive your Land Rover you could plaster on your labels the “royal warrant.” You would provide your product to the royal household without charge of course, and then you could use the royal warrant. So let’s say you were the manufacturer of axes during the time of that jolly old Englishman King Henry VIII. You could put on your packaging, “Suppliers of axes to His Majesty’s Office of Executions Since 1534.”

You get the idea.

Praise the Lord

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