(Yesterday was May the Fourth the memorial of Blessed Marie-Leonie Paradis, but also informally Star Wars day, a meme begun a few years ago, as in, may the fourth be with you. Many of us would like to be in a galaxy far, far away, and/or a long, long time ago. Films reviews may be a depressing topic for some, as most cinemas are verboten across the world. 

Perhaps I was too critical – I often am in film reviews, which is part of the reason I don’t write many. The other is that I don’t watch many films. Writing them is a sort of catharsis. I did enjoy the first Spider Man instalment, the first film to make over $100 million in its opening weekend. But the superhero franchise – endless and ever-more mindless – has not lived up to its initial promise, except in box office receipts. 

But, in a spirit of nostalgia, and in honour of the franchise, I thought I would republish this review I wrote when I had the misfortune of watching the first in this new series a few years ago.  One could have then predicted they would all be sub-par, CGI extravaganzas out to make a light-ton of money. But some must learn from experience, and repeated viewings.  From what I know of the recent films, what is said here equitably applies, or even more so, with a few circumstances altered. So, here we go..)

Praise the Lord

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