A fitting thought on this vigil day of Pentecost is that nothing is impossible with God. Did not Christ promise that He would grant anything asked for in the name of the Father? As the angel Gabriel said to Mary, all things are possible with the Almighty – the Omnipotens in our Creed.

So when we speak of ‘impossible’ causes, we must qualify the term, for impossibility – or, as some say desperation and desperate causes – depend much on whom of of what we speak.

Every saint is a patron of such ‘impossible’ causes, but there two who have been given the task as a special mission: Saint Jude, one of the Twelve, and today’s Saint Rita of Cascia (+1457). Although she felt a call to enter religious life, Rita was instead married off to an irascible, abusive, philandering, feud-fighting, ‘noble’ man, Paolo Mancini, at the tender age of twelve (customs and such were different back then). She bore him two sons, and, with patience, long-suffering, and heroic virtue, softened him over the years, so that prickly Paolo became almost pleasant, giving up his vengeful vendettas. When he was stabbed to death, after two decades of what we shall not presume to describe as marital bliss, there was hope for his redemption. Marriage is indeed a path to holiness and salvation. In fact, that’s its purpose – the good of the spouses, even if one be more advanced in the spiritual life than the other.

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