(We are a bit late, alas, in posting this reflection on Saint George Preca, a home-grown Maltese saint, whose feast was May 9th. But, in God’s providence, which works through our weakness, the reader might combine this post with Pope Francis’ recent instantiation of the ministry of catechist by a recent Motu Proprio, a ministry and apostolate to which Father Preca devoted his priestly life – forming Catholics in the intellectual and spiritual foundations of our Faith. So please do read, and pray, on. Editor)

On Sunday May 9, 2021, the Church in Malta gladly celebrates the great feast of one of her courageous and forward looking sons, the diocesan priest Saint George Preca. But who was this charismatic priest whose abundant good fruit can still be felt not only in Malta but everywhere the Maltese went?

Saint George Preca was born in Valletta, Malta’s capital city, on Thursday 12 February 1880. He was the seventh child in a very numerous family of nine children. In his childhood his family decided to move a neighbouring town, four kilometres distant, by the name of Ħamrun. It is in this town that George not only was to spend the rest of his earthly life but also realize God’s special calling for him. As most children would do at the time he attended both the primary and secondary school till the age of 16. In those years, George felt the inner calling to dedicate his life to God as a priest. Hence, moved by such a great love for Christ he entered the seminary of Malta where he studied theology, and was ordained a priest on Saturday 22nd December 1906.

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