Editor’s Note: Dr. Joseph Seifert is one of the preeminent Catholic philosophers in the world, and a member of the original Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL), where he was appointed to a lifetime position by his friend, the late Pope John Paul II. After becoming one of the leading voices showing the destructive moral implications in Amoris Laetitia in 2016, Seifert found himself unceremoniously and unjustly removed from his position as the Dietrich von Hildebrand Chair at the International Academy of Philosophy in Granada. In late 2016, Pope Francis went on to gut, and later reconstitute the PAL. Seifert, despite his lifetime appointment, was not invited back. But new members included Nigel Biggar, an abortion supporter; Anne-Marie Pelletier, a defender of sacraments for “remarried” divorcees; Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (as president of the new academy) – a man who was at the center of a homosexual art scandal, and more. In light of these changes, Seifert went on, in protest, to found the John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family (JAHLF), in the hopes of continuing the work of the PAL according to the vision of the late pontiff whose name it bears.

It is our belief that Prof. Seifert’s established credentials and track record of fighting for Catholic moral truth, regardless of opponent or consequences, lend significant weight to his analysis on the pressing and highly controversial matter of the ethics of COVID-19 vaccinations.

It should be noted that it is not Prof. Seifert’s purpose here, nor ours, to evaluate the efficacy, safety, or advisability of these vaccines for reasons related to the nature of their mechanism of action and accelerated release. Those remain open questions with cause for both caution and concern.

Praise the Lord

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