Over the last few months, there have been frequent stories in the mainstream press about whether pro-abortion Catholic politicians will or won’t be allowed to continue to receive Communion. A recent example is the coverage of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s letter critical of pro-abortion public figures receiving the Eucharist. Since Cordileone is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bishop, much ink was spilled on whether she would be denied the sacrament. The same has been asked of President Joe Biden, another pro-abortion politician. 

When these stories are written, the press is careful to include all sides of Catholic belief on the issue—both the Catholic side and the non-Catholic side. The media’s go-to group for a pro-abortion Catholic position seems to be a Washington, D.C.,-based non-profit known as Catholics for Choice. 

In a post-election Associated Press article, titled “Catholics divided as bishops examine Biden’s abortion stance,” the trusty AP gave both sides their due, with the USCCB condemning Biden’s position on one side and Jamie Manson of Catholic for Choice on the other. Manson was quoted as saying that Catholics who voted for Biden were not compromising their beliefs, but rather were “well-informed and have used their consciences in their choice both to elect President-elect Biden and to support reproductive health care.”

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