I have spent the past 20 years as General Manager of the Living Bread Radio Network, an EWTN affiliate.  It has been a great joy to help others come to know the truths of the Catholic Faith. Through the years we have heard countless stories of listeners who have come back to the practice of the Catholic Faith because of listening to our network.  Souls are saved and lives are changed by just listening.  It takes incredible commitment, great dedication, blood, sweat and tears by our staff to keep a listener supported network such as our on the air. We do it joyfully because we see the fruits.

This past year I have seen a sharp departure from the solid Catholic teaching that we have for many years taken for granted from EWTN. Some of the most admired syndicated Catholic preachers, that I will not mention here, have come on “our radio network” encouraging people to accept a vaccine that is derived from or tested on aborted babies.  I am angered, amazed, embarrassed and ashamed!  How can Catholics condone intrinsically evil acts?  The Catholic Church teaches that an intrinsically evil act may never be accepted for a greater good. The end never justifies the means!  (CCC 1789)

I am disgusted every time a listener calls to tell me that they heard a theologian or Catholic priest (syndicated through EWTN), on our radio station, say it’s ok to take the Covid vaccine because the aborted babies used in testing were aborted many years ago and we are very far removed from that event. Astounding! If we follow that same logic then maybe the Jewish holocaust wasn’t really that bad because it happened over eighty years ago.

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