Sr. Margherita Marchione (February 19, 1922 – May 20, 2021)    

Sr. Margherita Marchione, an American nun known for her defense of Pope Pius XII against attacks against his character, courage and actions during the Second World War, died peacefully in her convent in Morristown, New Jersey on May 20, 2021, seven days ago, at the age of 99.

    “If Jewish leaders say today that Pius XII did nothing to save Jews, they are disputing the testimony of other Jews who said he did quite a lot … It is terribly unfair to put so much blame on Pius, who had no army besides a few Swiss Guards with which to resist Hitler, while leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, who had the means to bomb the concentration camps, failed to do so.” —Sister Margherita Marchione

Praise the Lord

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