Good morning, readers! Revolutionary new technology today. I am dictating, and BA is typing. My tendonitis has come roaring back after hours of note taking for work. Complicating blogging, Google won’t let me leave comments. So thank you to the reader who made my day on Wednesday morning and to Anonymous for the respectful dialogue.

It is ironic to write about rest with my arm in a frozen wine-sleeve, totalled by work. However, I wanted to impart some of the lessons I learned on holiday. Principally, there are three types of rest: mentally agile physical rest; physically agile mental rest; and total rest.

For the first two days by the sea, I mostly lay on a sofa under a yellow blanket and read voraciously. It was the kind of deep reading The Shallows describes as an anomaly in human consciousness. Books literally made us more intelligent — not the content as much as the form. Reading is work, but it’s refreshing work. Normally I find blogging refreshing, too, but obviously not when I’m in physical pain. 

Praise the Lord

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