The question is, as they say, “one for the ages”: How can someone know that Catholicism is true and not Buddhism, instead, or some other system of belief? This is a question I asked myself as I journeyed metaphysically from atheism to Catholicism, and it is a question to which I would now like to provide a straightforward answer.

Here is the first thing to understand: Catholicism makes claims open to both philosophical and historical investigation. For example, the claim that God exists and entered human history and did some pretty important things. Also, that God founded the Catholic Church and continues to guide her on essential matters of faith and morals.

To prove these claims are correct, I’ll present a cumulative case argument, trotting out in summary fashion different philosophical views, scientific evidence, and historical data points which all converge upon the conclusion—or hypothesis, if we want to call it that—that “Catholicism is true.”

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