On March 29, 2021 the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) was evicted from their 2 buildings they fund raised $8.5 million to construct. Both the Hospice and the Supportive Care Centre were taken by the Fraser Health Authority because DHS refused to kill their patients. DHS was given no compensation for the assets presently valued at $9 million.  The 35 year land lease, upon which these buildings were built, was cancelled by the Fraser Health Authority. These buildings then became “fixtures” to the land and confiscated. The Delta Hospice Society refused to participate in euthanizing its patients, known as Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), because it is committed to Palliative Care which does not hasten death. We believe in the compassionate care and support for persons in the last stages of living, so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. This position is consistent with international hospice palliative care associations and the World Health Organization.  

UPDATE …  After the 10 bed Irene Thomas Hospice was seized by the Fraser Health Authority, it was reopened on April 15, 2021, under government control now offering euthanasia. The Society’s second building, known as the Centre for Supportive Care, sits vacant. The City of Delta’s Mayor, George Harvie, is attempting to acquire the Centre from Fraser Health, block the Delta Hospice Society from their own building, and give the space to a newly formed pro-euthanasia group.

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