In the Church universal, this is the solemnity of Ascension, – so a blessed and joyous one to all our readers – commemorating Our Lord’s return to heaven, whence He shall return at the end of time. The ‘nine days’ from here to Pentecost signifies the very first ‘novena’ of prayer, which the first Apostles and Our Lady made, to the Holy Ghost. The diminution of this feast in the minds and hearts of Catholics is a sad thing, exacerbated by its transfer in so many regions (including Canada and many parts of the United States) to the nearest Sunday. But the Ascension is still on this day ‘in reality’, and certainly historically and by Tradition; the mitigated transfer only made for ‘pastoral reasons.’ Hence, we should join in the novena to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the One Who will lead us into all truth. We will post in these pages a novena that I can only find in the old booklet I have before me, and not on-line. Participate as amenable, or find another, so that all Catholics may join the Mother of God and the Spirit’s heavenly Spouse, and all the saints, in interceding for ourselves, for our relatives, friends, all men and women, the Church and the world:

First Day

Holy Spirit! Lord of Light! 

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