We have already entered into the “post-Francis” era. The post-Amazon Synod has failed, the Exhortation Querida Amazonia of 2 February 2020 has fallen on deaf ears, and the Exhortation Amoris Laetitia of 8 April 2016 has entered into history more for the criticisms that it received than for the new path which it opened. 

The latest initiatives of Pope Francis have been characterized by growing contradictions and increasing confusion, with the flock of the faithful oscillating between feelings of rage and depression. The magisterium of Pope Francis lacks above all that coherence and equilibrium which ought to be the primary quality of the one who holds the supreme responsibility of governing the Church. 

What the Church needs above all today is order in the fields of theology, pastoral praxis, liturgy, and discipline. Order arises from intellectual clarity, but this intellectual clarity can base itself only on the Truth, whole and uncompromised. For this reason, the cardinals who elect the next Pope (see the wonderful book by Edward Pentin, The Next Pope: The Leading Cardinal Candidates) need a model to look to, and in order to find one, it will be necessary to look in the other direction—not only from Pope Francis but also from all of the recent popes, who were all involved in the historical catastrophe of the Second Vatican Council. 

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