It was love at first sight. They connected immediately. First as friends, and soon as an engaged couple. Right after they first met, René told Rocio that, if one day they were to marry, he would like their wedding to be in the shrine of Covadonga, before the famous image of Our Lady. Rocio agreed without giving it too much importance, since they had just met and she knew that René, although he grew up near Covadonga, wasn’t a believer.

“My father is a Cooperator of Opus Dei,” says Rocio, “and together with my mother they have always tried to raise my sister and myself in the Catholic faith; but Rene’s family are not practicing Catholics, although they had him baptized when he was a child.”

Despite the religious differences, their wonderful relationship continued strengthening and they began talking seriously about the future life they would share together. “I kept explaining to René what forming a Christian family open to life meant, and about raising our children in the faith. René listened intently, and one day he told me that he wanted to start receiving classes about the faith. Shortly afterwards, he made his First Communion and received the sacrament of Confirmation. I was his sponsor. I had spent a long time praying to Our Lady that he would come closer to God.”

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