Benedict Ambrose and I have celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, and it was a very pleasant day indeed, featuring a nice breakfast at home, going to Mass, chatting with friends after Mass, going to Edinburgh’s New Club for a gin-and-tonic as the guests of a member, a late-afternoon dinner at a French restaurant, and a great bout of gardening when we got home. The evening’s entertainment included the “Kiss the Ground” documentary about soil health, and we wished my mum a Happy Mother’s Day over Skype. 

“Kiss the Ground” was mentioned during the Pontifical Council of Culture’s recent three-day health conference, which was by turns annoying, interesting, downright intriguing, entertaining, and boring. I volunteered to cover it for work because the theme of “Body, Mind, Spirit” was very interesting indeed. I particularly enjoyed the conversations about longevity and food, and even though I thought the product placement (usually carefully displayed books) was hilarious, I went on to buy two of the books–and to watch “Kiss the Ground” again. We realised part way through that we had seen it already. However, I didn’t mind, and I would like to become a soil regeneration activist one day. I am currently doing my part by refusing to use weedkiller, even on the horribly invasive rosa rugosa.  

By the way, I’m not going to publish or reply to comments about my day job, so if you have a concern with the publication, you should direct it to its editor. 

Praise the Lord

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