Since the senseless murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery last year, I have been running this question through my head—in many ways, this question has been in the back of my brain since the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin.

We are all told that we are all equal under the law, but we are continually reminded that we are not all equal under the law. In many ways, ‘all equal under the law’ has an asterisk after it that qualifies the ‘all.’ It is almost as if ‘all equal under the law’ was like the sign we put before the entrance to an amusement park ride that stipulates that one must be yay high to go on the ride.

The problem with that is that justice must not be an amusement park ride with a specific height requirement; rather justice must truly be for all. For justice to be for all, we need to reimagine what justice is because imagining justice as difference blind is what perpetuates systemic racial inequalities and maintains that asterisk.

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