During my convalescence from this stroke I have had to rest a lot, and not being too good at that I took the time to re-watch the first two series of The Crown.

Apart from not being able to take my eyes from the lovely Claire Foy, the royal drama is packed with genuine insights about the human condition and the play between mortality and a divine call.

In one of the episodes the future queen is helping her father King George VI prepare for his coronation. He explains to the girl about the solemn moment of anointing in the liturgy. He says that it is God’s anointing and from thereon he will be a different person. Later on in the series we see the anointing of the Queen at her own coronation and the commentary is provided by her dastardly uncle–the king who ran away–Edward VIII. He is watching the televised occasion and explains to those gathered to view with him the significance of the anointing. The same divine call is articulated in a letter and a conversation on her deathbed with Queen Mary–Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother. She says to Elizabeth on the death of her son (the Queen’s father) that from now on Elizabeth Windsor is no more. There is only the crown…the monarchy…Elizabeth the Queen.

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