Defying all odds and surprising his doctors at every turn, Vladimir is a fighter. When he was born three months premature near our sponsor site in Asunción, Paraguay, Vladimir’s loving and faithful mother and grandmother were told upon his discharge from the hospital that he would likely only survive for a short eight months.

The doctors, however, didn’t consider the love and determination of Vladimir’s grandmother who used every resource available to her to care for her grandson. She poured her attention into Vladimir who thrived under her constant care. With faith and hope in God, the small family met and overcame every obstacle in their way.

When Vladimir turned five, he was accepted into our sponsorship program. This incredible support allowed him to attend a special school and rehabilitation therapy that vastly improved his critical cognitive and physical skills. After a year of school and physical therapy, his family cheered him on as he took his first steps and was able to say a few words!

Praise the Lord

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