What is love? That is an enduring question. Moreover, we hear of the need to “love” all the time—from our media, from our priests, from our Holy Father. But what is love? Our answer of what love is has deeply dire consequences. Sadly, most people who promote love promote the Satanic counterfeit of love.

Love is defined by the Catechism as to “will the good of another” (n. 1766). This understanding of love is complemented by the definition of the theological virtue of love (or “charity”), “Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God” (n. 1822). Love, as dogmatically defined by the Church, which we as Catholics are obliged to consent to as the full and true meaning and expression of love, is not understood as “affirmation” of one’s sin and sinful nature. It is not defined as the acceptance or inclusion of others. 

According to infallible teaching, love is to love God and to will others to love God. This, then, requires us to know something about God (who is Truth, Wisdom, and Love). God is the Author of the Moral Law which we are to conform ourselves to—with the aid of the sacraments and the Church’s teachings. God is also the Supreme Good, as the Catechism makes clear, for we are to “love God above all things.” To love things short of God, when they become the precious object of our affections, is to fall into sin or—more appropriately—idolatry. Confusion subsequently takes root and reigns supreme.

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