A friend sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal about a modernist ecclesiastical building planned for East Berlin. The article is here (but behind WSJ’s paywall I’m afraid) The short version is that the “Church of One” is a modernistic, brutalist “worship space” that will provide separate areas–a mosque, a synagogue and a church  grouped around a central atrium for practitioners of the three monotheistic faiths to worship–a kind of spiritual shopping mall.

It’s no surprise that such an inane idea comes to us from the center of world apostacy: Germany.

What the architects and inter faith dreamers never stop to realize is that no one who is sincerely devoted to any of those three religions actually wants to turn up to worship in a sterile icebox. Never mind. One defender of the design explains, “East Berlin is a very secular place,” Roland Stolte, a Christian theologian involved in the project, told the Guardian. “Religious institutions have to find new language and ways to be relevant, and to make connections.”

Praise the Lord

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