“Every Christian has a very personal responsibility to grow in their faith.   Yet at times it seems to stand still. That is when God touches us like the earth in springtime, bringing new growth and warmth.’ (Ed Price)

 Spring is the natural time of rebirth, renewal and hope – physically and spiritually.   It is a time to let go and deal with any regrets.     It is also seen more generally as the start of better times.   At this time of year, we begin to feel less sluggish, and become more open to inviting changes – both big and small – into our lives.

The symbolism of springtime is one most people can appreciate.   In all cultural traditions, the world over, it is a time of rebirth and new beginnings.   Whether it is the antics of the numerous fertility gods of rural communities or the Green Man in pagan cultures, springtime itself has never been a season to go unmarked.

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